Families & History of Deal & Walmer


Hello! Welcome to our website ‘Families & History of Deal & Walmer’.

Before you start exploring we thought you might like to know something about us and why we decided to build this website and how to navigate your way around the site itself.

We are two friends who have a shared passion for Genealogy and History, both local and national. We have no formal qualifications in either area although one of us does, just about, recollect passing her History ‘O’ level!

On discovering that both of our families lived in Deal and Walmer, from at least the Napoleonic era, we decided to undertake a joint research project researching those ancestors. This website – ‘Families and History of Deal and Walmer’- is now the home of that research.

We have broadened our knowledge of the area by visiting archives, local libraries, The British Library, Lambeth Palace, and the National Archives at Kew rather than just relying on the internet. Nothing beats getting out of our little office in Kingsdown and tramping around a cemetery or two to find that elusive gravestone!

We are both avid readers and our library of local history books is growing every week, sometimes to the detriment of our bank balances but don’t tell our nearest and dearest. Our current lists of books can be found in the Resources section under Books

This site is also about our own families too and although some did live in Deal and Walmer, many didn’t, so there are family histories from much further afield included in our research.

Whilst this is very much a personal and ongoing project, we wanted to share our research, and discoveries, with a broader audience.

Navigating the site is fairly easy. There is a simple search facility, use the search box to type in the name or topic that you are looking then click on the search symbol and another page will open with the results. The menu has a Home and a Contact page with the five title pages in between. Just click on the page you are interested in, and you will be taken to that page where you may be able to make further choices.

Words, Phrases or Names in green type when clicked on will either open a pop up and give an explanation of that word or phrase or if it is a name of an event, person or building then by clicking on that you will be taken to a dedicated research page.

All the images, whether newspaper cuttings or actual images can be enlarged simply by clicking on them. To reduce the image and return to the page you were looking at just click back on your browser.

Please keep visiting our website as we gradually add more of what we find about the ‘Families and History of Deal and Walmer,’ and we hope that you really enjoy these discoveries.

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This site was created and is maintained by Suzanne Green and Sharon Morris